Youth With Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors


Referrals accepted from Schools, DCP&P, CMO, practitioners,Attorneys, law enforcement, and community mental health agencies

Children 9 -12 years old

Adolescents 13—17 years old

Individual and Group Support

Inappropriate touching = Sexting

Sexually inappropriate comments and/or gesturing = Indecent exposure

Other sexually inappropriate behaviors


A cognitive-behavioral approach will be utilized to address the inappropriate sexual behaviors with a focus on:

  • Positive coping strategies

  • Responding to peer pressure

  • Correcting cognitive distortions

  • Improving impulse control and judgment

  • Age appropriate relationships with others

  • Establishing and maintaining good boundaries

  • Accountability and responsibility for one’s behavior

  • Understanding the impact of one’s behavior on others

Groups meet once weekly for 8 sessions 

$50.00 per session. Reduce fee available for those who qualify.

please contact us to schedule an appointment, make a referral, or ask questions.

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