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Our Philosophy


SAW Counseling Center, LLC was developed to help individuals, children, couples, and families live successfully by understanding their purpose in life. This is achieved by utilizing an approach which addresses the physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically wellbeing of the client. When individuals understand what is expected of them, it brings stronger awareness of themselves as a person.

This understanding is a success for them and as they continue to function in this understanding, it results in a holistic well-being which we refer to as wealth. Thus our agency focus that one’s Success Achieves Wealth.

Saw Counseling Center

  • Achieves: To bring to a conclusion one's accomplishment.

  • Success: To accomplish one’s aim or purpose in life. Understanding one’s purpose brings about a state of overall well being.

  • Wealth: A state of wellbeing. It encompasses emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual wellbeing or lifestyle balance. This is achieved through knowledge, understanding, peace, faith, and unconditional love.

  • Mission: The mission of SAW Counseling Center, LLC is to help others by provide counseling service to individuals, children, adolescents, couples, families, and organizations so they could live successful lives.



Insurance plans currently accepted:

  • Emblem Health NON HMO

  • ​Beacon Health/ValueOptions Commercial NON-HMO

  • Horizon BCBS- Commercial Managed & Traditional

  • Horizon BCBS- HNJH MLTSS (NJ Health)


  • United Health Care

  • Oxford-United Healthcare

  • Amerihealth

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