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Meet Our Therapists

Our counselors and therapists have years of experience and are knowledgeable and empathetic in order to meet our client’s needs.
Dr. Simone Wright, LPC
Executive Director & Psychotherapist

Dr. Simone Wright, PhD, LPC, ACS (she/her) recently obtained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology in November 2021 and is currently pursuing her hours towards a license as a Psychologist in the State of New Jersey. She is an alumnus of Bloomfield College, Kean University, Bowie State University, Liberty University, and Walden University. For her education background, please check out her LinkedIn profile page. She is licensed at the masters level as a professional counselor and is an approved clinical supervisor, providing supervision to counseling interns and associate level counselors.

Dr. Wright provides outpatient mental health/behavioral health therapy and have over 17 years of experience working with individuals, adolescents, and families with various issues (anxiety, depression, bipolar, conduct disorder, adjustment disorder, trauma, mild PTSD, etc.).  She also worked with couples in helping to improve communication as well as bring stability to their relationship. My therapeutic approach is from a family system perspective with focus on reaching the goals established at the start of treatment. Positive psychology techniques with utilization of Christian principles are used when needed.


Dr. Wright has over 20 years of interacting with the adolescent population whether in church, community, and or the legal system. She worked with challenging youths, especially those who have encountered severe challenges or trauma in their lives. She also worked over 15 years with parents who struggle with parenting their adolescent or a child who exhibits emotional and behavioral issues. She worked with the Developmental/intellectual disabilities population for 5 years. Furthermore, Dr. Wright spend over 2 years working with juvenile sexual abuse perpetrators as well as those who exhibits sexually inappropriate behaviors. Over the years, Dr. Wright gained much experience in working and helping individuals from diverse cultures who presents with many different psychological issues and problems.


On your first visit, expect to meet someone who is willing to listen and help you to develop realistic goals that you could work towards. In therapy, we work as a team in helping you with whatever issue that you present. Therefore, expected to be an active participant in the therapeutic process. As the client, you are an important part of the therapeutic process and the eventual change that results.

Member of the following organizations: American Psychological Association (APA), 

Taryn Ongsiako, LPC
Children, Adolescent, and Adult Psychotherapist

Taryn Ongsiako, LPC, NCC (she/her) have been providing outpatient mental health/behavioral health therapy and intensive in-home therapy to individuals, groups, and families since 2012.  She has experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, and parent skill building.  Her therapeutic approach is client-centered and from a family system perspective, working on reaching established treatment goals based on the client’s needs.  The focus is on identifying and processing feelings, and learning how to more effectively cope in the future.

She has been working with children, adolescents, and young adult with autism spectrum disorders  (primarily high functioning, Asperger’s) in social skills building groups for over 6 years, incorporating healthy communication, coping skills, and life skills for clients to utilize in their daily lives.       

She also has on-going training and experience working with children and adolescents, individually and in groups, with sexually inappropriate and harming behaviors (both adjudicated and non-adjudicated).  She has spent time working with victims of child sexual abuse, exposure to trauma, and youth in therapeutic foster care. 

In addition, she works with parents on skill building, both individually and in group settings.  Parenting sessions are structured to provide psycho-education on: communication, parental stress and coping skills, increasing positive nurturing, understanding of positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior, clear and consistent consequences, empathy building, and increasing your child’s self-worth and self-confidence. 

On your first visit, expect to meet someone who is warm, open, and is willing to listen and help you develop realistic goals for either you or your child to work toward.  In therapy, we work as a team to address concerns, work toward goals, and maintain treatment gains.  When working with children and adolescents, sessions incorporate play and creative/expressive techniques to assist with communication of feelings. 

Member of the following organizations: American Counseling Association (ACA)
Tara profile Picture.jpg
Tara Ehmann, LPC
Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapist

Tara Ehmann, LPC, NCC, ACS (she/her) is a licensed professional counselor who has worked in the field of psychology since 2005.  She obtained her Bachelor of Arts from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Seton Hall University. 


Tara began in this field working with adolescent youths with inappropriate sexual behaviors. Additionally, Ms. Ehmann has been a member of The Association and Treatment of Sexual Abusers since 2008, where she currently serves as a Board Member for the New Jersey Chapter. As a board member she works on the Membership, Social Media, and Mini-Grant Committee, where her focus is on recruiting up and coming individuals in the sex offender specific field. Tara is also a member of the New Jersey Counseling Association.  Tara has also worked with couples, children and adults through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness. 


Tara provides outpatient mental health/behavioral health therapy. My goal is to help individuals, families, and couples to strengthen, heal and promote change. She understands that one single approach does not always work with clients, so She offer a variety of approaches which include Cognitive Behavioral, Mindfulness, and Rational Emotive therapy styles that are used to treat individuals with symptoms of substance abuse, anxiety, depression, postpartum, sexually inappropriate behavior, victims of sexual abuse, and marital/couples’ issues. She specializes in addictions, mood disorders, and running social skill and anger management groups.  Tara’s primary interests are staying current with up-to-date research, supervising interns as watching clients grow and develop.


On your first visit, expect to meet someone who is willing to listen and help you to develop realistic goals that you could work towards. In therapy, we work as a team in helping you with whatever issue that you present. As the client, you are an important part of the therapeutic process and the eventual change that results. 

Ashley Picture.jpeg
Ashley Harnish, LPC is a licensed professional counselor providing outpatient mental / behavioral health therapy.  Since 2011, Ashley have been providing therapy to children, adolescents and their families with various difficulties at both the partial and intensive outpatient level of care. Ashley have experience running therapeutic groups, individual sessions and family sessions that contribute to children and adolescents working towards their specific goals.  Ashley have worked with parents who struggle with parenting their child or adolescent who exhibit emotional and behavioral issues. 
Her therapeutic approach is from a person-centered perspective with the focus of client or family being in charge of their treatment and goals. Ashley believe in a team approach in therapy, helping to work on whatever issue it is that you as a parent, your child or adolescent presents with.  Ashley work to aide children and their families in coming up with realistic goals and expectations and provide them with the resources and tools needed to be successful through their own choices.
Ashley Harnish LPC
Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist
B88A1135 (2)_edited.jpg
Charu Bhardwaj LPC
Child ,Adolescent, & Adult Psychotherapist
Charu Bhardwaj, MS, LPC (she/her) is a License Professional Counselor. Charu completed a Masters in Applied Psychology from Delhi University, India. Additionally, she completed a second Masters Degree in Human Services and also earned a Graduate Certificate in Professional Counseling from Post University.

Since 2017, Charu has been working as a psychotherapist with SAW Counseling Center LLC, conducting individual therapy and co-facilitating groups for school-age children, adolescents, and adults. Before joining SAW Counseling Center, Charu worked as a career counselor in India for 7 years. She speaks English, Hindi, and Punjabi.
Charu believe that culture influences health and healing. Her goal is to help clients explore healthy solutions, develop resilience, and build coping skills through a deep understanding of their cultural uniqueness. Charu places great importance on cultivating a better understanding of how cultural identities and beliefs impact a client’s perceptions.
On your first visit, expect to meet someone who is empathetic, engaging, and humble and will inspire you towards positive change. Therapy is a positive and an empowering journey wherein the client and the therapist together – in a safe and supportive environment – reveals destructive patterns, recognize strengths, and reinforce healthier ways of coping. This reflective and therapeutic experience is a non-judgmental commitment to facilitate a client’s healing.
Christina Sorgi LAC
Child ,Adolescent, & Adult Associate Psychotherapist
Christina Sorgi MA, LAC, NCC (she/her) is a Licensed Associate Counselor and National Certified Counselor in the state of New Jersey.  Christina received her Master’s in Counseling from Northwestern University.  She has worked with children, adolescents, and adults. She also have experience in several therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, and other integrative therapies, which help clients to identify and understand the patterns and history in their lives, create positive change, and work through experienced trauma in a collaborative, supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere.
Christina wants clients to know that counseling is not only a place in which to work through challenges, but also to experience and celebrate successes and joy, and even find some humor!  She feels that trust and respect are critical to all therapeutic relationships and celebrates the individuality of every client with whom she works. She is dedicated to helping make integrative, holistic, accessible care the standard of modern counseling and a core experience of each of her clients.

We currently have interns on staff who provides quality therapy under weekly supervision at a discount rate or lower fee. They are a great alternative when you are watching your budget. Please inquire via the contact form 

We are always looking for Knowledgeable and skilled interns who are seeking a quality learning experience.
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